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Paralucent is constantly innovating and researching to help our clients stay informed about emerging technologies. The benefit to our clients is that we are able to help make informed decisions and leverage new technologies when most advantageous. Below are a few of our whitepapers.

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February 01, 2018

Paralucent's founder Jeff Miller and VP of Deployment and Technology discuss 10 best practices to leverage when you are executing a Business Transformation Project.


Organizations are starting to realize that not only do they need to better leverage their data to compete in today’s economy but they also need to change how they experiment, manage and derive value from their data. More and more companies are coming to the conclusion that not only is Cloud Computing a strategic advantage that they must incorporate into their toolkit to remain competitive but also they need to make it a central part of their data and analytics strategy while matching their adoption with their desired risk appetite.


Read our whitepaper on the benefits and approach to adopting both Cloud Computing and integrating it with your Big Data and Analytics Strategy.



September 27, 2017


Businesses are realizing that what got them to where they are will not get them to where they need to be.

Enter BizDevOps.

BizDevOps is a cultural shift in your organization that is followed by the implementation of Automated processes, Lean Practices, Measurement and Monitoring and short Recovery Times. This short whitepaper walks through the result of Paralucent, working closely with our client, implementing a simple continuous integration and deployment pipeline and automated testing.

Your competitors are already looking at BizDevOps - why aren't you.



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